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At the age of 66 years having spent my working life in the teaching profession (Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector) I decided to become the learner and try to play the guitar. So four years ago I chose my teacher very carefully, Steve Cassidy.  I can report that he has proved to be an excellent teacher. He has shown skill and remarkable patience in his approach. He has a range of teaching styles that encourage development and this helps the student to gain confidence and enjoyment.

I am happily continuing on my music journey with Steve. - DR

Steve Cassidy has taught my daughter guitar for 2 years. Steve is a natural teacher: patient, a good communicator and well informed. My daughter enjoys the challenge and the support that he provides, enabling her to make progression through the grades feel fun and undaunting. I would recommend Steve to anyone interested in learning guitar. – GW (School Teacher)

My daughter has progressed extremely well since she started guitar lessons with Steve. Steve has a relaxed approach which has given my daughter the confidence she needs to learn at her own pace. She has discovered a talent for music which over time has steadily grown. When my daughter decided she wanted to play the electric guitar Steve was fantastic in helping us purchase an electric guitar and amp. He also let my daughter try various guitars of his to find out which one suited her best. – TA

‘My son always looks forward to his guitar lessons. Steve is a great encouragement, making the lessons fun and always giving a variety of different music to do each week, which encourages practice in between lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve as a guitar teacher, where every pupil is seen as individual and their lessons conducted accordingly. Thank you Steve’. - SB

Previous Recommendations and Testimonials;-

" I have been having regular guitar tuition from Steve for over a year now and the lessons have been very enjoyable. The first lessons gave me a motivating introduction to electric guitar and alongside progression through the songs in the Rockschool books, techniques and variations were also explained. The lessons have been brilliant and I would recommend Steve Cassidy to anyone of any age."

"I wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar as I couldn't play a note. I called Steve Cassidy and started lessons, I have had about 6 to date. The lessons are at his studio and we initially have some practice and then go through some songs. I have to admit that I really enjoy both the lessons and having the ability to read and play some music, albeit at grade 1 level. Steve has a calm teaching style and his methods are certainly helping. Thanks Steve"

"I have been having lessons from Steve learning to play the Electric Guitar for about three years now. He has taught me from a complete beginner . I am now learning my music pieces for my grade 5 exam. I even managed to play at my own 40th birthday party with the band I had arranged. Yes you are never to old to learn. He makes the lessons enjoyable, informative and all in a relaxed atmosphere. A most enjoyable experience. Thank you Steve."

"I have been learning Guitar with Steve for eighteen months now and have learned so much already. - Very good teacher and easy going."

"Steve is an inspiration! I go along to my lesson feeling like giving up and come away knowing that I can play if I just put my mind to it and practice. - Aged 60 plus!"

My Commitment To You;-

I will teach you in a relaxed, patient, friendly and professional manner.

Provided that you practice as advised, 'you will progress.'

The vast majority of my students are playing at Grade 3 Standard within a year of beginning to play guitar.

Stephen Cassidy Guitar Tuition

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