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Welcome to my new improved Teaching Studio in my home at Canford Heath, Poole.

I am occasionally asked if I will travel to people’s homes to give lessons. – I only teach at my home, as there is no way that I could provide the same quality of lessons other than in my Studio. I have recently moved into a larger room, purpose designed, wired and decorated, further improving the facilities that I can offer.

Over the years, I have built up a large amount of resources that I use during lessons. It would be impossible for me to transport all of these resources, as I react to every student’s different needs which may alter from lesson to lesson. These include several ring binders full of handouts including exercises specific to issues that a student may flag up to me, or that I will spot whilst playing. I have numerous Backing Tracks, that are played through my Studio Quality Equipment. Electric Players will play through one of my effects boards giving them the opportunity to experiment with effects that they may not have, or to see the ‘effects chain’ which is not possible with onboard digital effects that most amps, even practice amps have these days. We all play better when we are getting a sound that we really like.

You may see other Guitar Tutors that may not have the facilities that I can offer, arguing in favour of lessons in the student’s own home. Some of these arguments may include things like familiarity with the home environment or being more relaxed at home.  Tutors that only teach in their own homes or other premises such as myself argue that there are less potential distractions away from home. – Adults, are your children/partners likely to interrupt the lesson? If the phone rings are you going to spend the remainder of the lesson wondering who it was, or was it urgent? – Children, - are brothers or sisters likely to be playing noisily, or have the TV or Music playing too loud for you to concentrate? Ultimately, it’s your choice. - I go out of my way to make you feel as relaxed as possible and my wife will even often offer to make you a complimentary cup of tea, coffee or a cold drink!


As a member of The Musician's Union, I receive regular updates and advice on maintaining a Covid Safe Teaching Environment in accordance with the latest Government Guidelines and requirements of the Union's Public Liability Insurers.

Lessons are available again in my Teaching Studio in accordance with the latest guidelines, including a screen for our mutual  benefit. - See Gallery below.

Welcome to my Teaching Studio
Covid 19 Precautions
Covid 19 Precautions

My Commitment To You;-

I will teach you in a relaxed, patient, friendly and professional manner.

Provided that you practice as advised, 'you will progress.'

The vast majority of my students are playing at Grade 3 Standard within a year of beginning to play guitar.

Stephen Cassidy Guitar Tuition

119 Pilsdon Drive

Canford Heath


Dorset BH17 9HT

Tel  01202 248932

Mob 07867 974553

Email scgtpoole@gmail.com


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